Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sew Simply Satisfying!

These pictures of my little princess were just so cute I had to share them. Llyonesse is wearing the silky pants under her dress that I made for her and posted in a previous blog. We have been having so much fun designing new stuff! Yesterday, we were able to help one of our friends design these same pants for her 4 year old daughter. The best thing about making all these clothes is sharing the ideas with others so they can sew simply satisfying things, too!
Llyonesse & Mommy

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sew Springtime!

With the weather warming up I've been playing with some lighter cottons. Here's a pair of bloomers that I plan to put elastic in the bottoms of. This is my first attempt at saving on a little elastic in the waist. I just made a cord out of the material and tied it at the waist. The pros of this is she will be able to wear it longer because the waist can be adjusted to fit right, on the other hand if it comes untied she might loose her briches as my Great Grandma Gertrude would of said. I think it will work out.
I just bonused on a big bag of elastic and trimmings at a recent garage sale. I just love those kind of finds!
Llyonesse & Mommy

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sewing Auntie!

Llyonesse and I thought that my niece needed her own set of silky bloomers!! We showed her mommy how to cut and sew these and they turned out sew cute and in just a little less than an hour on her first try! We are looking forward to when Sweden is old enough to start sewing with us. We got a couple years yet! ;)
Llyonesse & Mommy

We Love Tea Sew Much!

My momma took us to a Tea Party! It was a lot of fun and very inspiring! Llyonesse and I got a couple of new sewing ideas and got to play in some hats and boas. Even Aunt Jessi and Sweden got to be with us!

Llyonesse & Mommy

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Walking through the Woods to Grandmother's House!

Another simple design we made up for warmth over a dress. It is satin white on the outside and hot pink fleece on the inside with a drawstring cording around the neck. Just cut out half of the cape four times, two from each piece of two kinds of material. Sew the center seam together then with right sides of your cape together sew all around the outside edge, leaving an opening to turn it right sides out. To incorporate a cord around the neck sew two seams the width of the cord where they would work best for pulling around the shoulders. The pants under her dress are on an earlier blog in March.
Llyonesse & Mommy

Sew Amazingly Blessed, Even in the Small Things!

I designed this apron out of some jeans that the Lord blessed me with from a friend. I was trying to figure out how I could find some old denim jeans and randomly I had a friend who called me and said she was going to get rid of some of her sons old jeans. Then she thought she should see if there was anyone who was into sewing that would like to have the denim and my name came to mind. I told her she would not believe it but I had just ask God for some free old jeans! She was amazed and said isn't it is so wonderful that God is even interested in our little details!
This then became a special addition to a gift for one of my nieces.
Super cute! Super easy!
And all of it was something I already had around the house!
Another Idea for you!
Llyonesse & Mommy

Sew Beautiful Babushka!

This pink poncho was a fleece baby blanket that we folded and cut a square hole out of for her head to fit through. It makes a great top cover for outside when she just needs a little more warmth. Since it's fleece you don't even have to sew it. Instant Poncho!
Llyonesse & Mommy